Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Would you keep a secret? A petty secret, a life saving secret, a crush secret? Well, for those of you who can click this: ? Sorry to say if you have clicked this and you are currently in the U.S., it is nothing relevant to you, but go ahead and click it.

 Also I wanted to say I'm sorry for not currently posting the past few weeks.

I haven't been worthy of the fashion blogisvere (sorry! spelt wrong!) I saw in some editorial that basically said only the bloggers with all dat cash, can buy designer clothing and MAKE IT BIG! But, obviously, that's not true. It matters on the content.

 I want to know that if you guys, like the content of my blog, or have some critique tell me! I will give you one of those really lame, and sadly sometimes fake shout outs (only fake people give out fake ones,but I'm not fake, so there-fore my shout outs aren't fake, but still, quiet, lame,,,).

Fave, pics of week.

Thanks, dudes, and dudettes, will be back on soon, promise. And I will start making some outfit posts, and diys, when I get some new clothes, because currently I have none (don't worry I'm not sitting here typing naked), Also, just wanted to share tomorrow is my worst nightmare......PICTURE DAY!!!


  1. I must say, I actually love your blog! To be honest I prefer reading blogs by people who are just starting out, or havent got that many followers yet. Mainly because i am one of those bloggers so I can relate but also because I find their content more interesting, entertaining and more real because the outfits are completely their own and they haven't been sent any of it for free or are being paid to give it good reviews.

    So keep doing what u are doing, hon xxxxx

  2. I think your blog is great (and not saying it in that lying try-to-be-respectful way.) The blog has a lot of great aspects and unique style. Also I think the fact you're in my age group and trying to get out there draws me to the blog/content more. And it's not just other 13 yr old bloggers because I've seen other I didn't like so I do genuinely like your blog
    -Sienna :)

  3. I love that last picture! Did you get it from Rookie?

  4. I like these pictures. That bat is adorable.

    <3 Melissa