Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inspiration Station!

Hey guys. I am sorry to say that I will not be posting any outfit pics this week because I have the flu and I really don't feel like smiling for the camera. Sorry! I am planning out a really awesome post, and I can't wait until I get better so I can make it.... Anyways since I didn't post a style spark on Saturday, I decided to do it today (since i'm in bed and have nothing else to do..).

Be Original

If you were famous, you can be as crazy as you want. You can introduce yourself with a crazy sense of style, take Lady Gaga for instance, and inspire others. You might get grilled by the fashion police, because of your unusual style or life but, you wouldn't care!

One reason I made this blog is to share my unusual life. I am not the average teen. I prefer The Clash to Rihanna, sewing to buying, and a good thrift store instead of Forever 21. I often get made fun of from kids at my school and sometimes people who I trust. I am not a follower of trends like everyone else, unless I actually like it. I have always been scared to admit to myself, and others, that i'm not the average teen.

A week ago (before I got the flu,,..) I went to my best friend's (from my old school) birthday party at the beach. I felt so out of place. All the girls, were wearing Forever 21 short shorts, crop tops, and a lot of makeup. I was wearing 50's high waisted shorts and a striped bow shirt.  They each had their "clingy groups"and were talking about teenager stuff.  One girl was taking about going to a party where everyone got arrested. I knew then that I was not like them. Even if I tried, I could never be like them. I had nobody to talk to.

I came home, and had an awful feeling inside. Why can't I be like them! Why can't I be normal! And in the end I new why. I am original. Not a copy. And I will always stay that way.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey Guys! Sorry about not posting the past couple days. Yesterday I was at Comic Con and the day before I was being lazy. Also,, sorry for not posting a style spark on saturday. I was going to post some outfits  that I put together from my inspiration from my Saturday Style Spark #2, (but I was being lazyyy).

Here's the outfits. (There's only three so don't get too excited..)  :)

Shirt- ? /Skirt- handmedown/ Tights- target 
 OH! By the way I wearing these shoes and the polka dot tights in every outfit...
Shoes-j.crew brand got them at goodwill

Skirt- Gift/ Sweater- Buffalo exchange/ Shirt-Good will 


Bodysuit- ? / Shorts- gift/ Shirt- local store

All I have to say is that I really can't remember where i got most of the clothing!!!

Oh tomorrow I'm leaving for Palm Springs with a bunch of little kids. Wish me luck! (@----@)



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Favorite Mukis!

Hey Gurls! This post is dedicated to my favorite mukis right now! (I used to call music, "mukis" when I was little :0.....) Well here'sss it isssss-

Talking Heads, By Talking Heads-

I just started listening to this on my computer and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I really want this record for my record player!!! (< _ >)

Led Zeppelin-

Sorry about the weird photo... I used my computer to take the pic. Anyways, My grandma got me a record player for my birthday and gave me a ton of her old records for x-mas. This Led Zeppelin record is by far my favorite.... (It has a pretty sick cover too. It opens up!!)

-Boys Don't Cry, The Cure

My grandma gave me some new records (including this one) but my little bro broke the needle on my record player before I could even listen to them!! ( That little rascal!) I ordered a new needle and should be in the mail soon! I am SO EXCITED to listen to this record!

Hoped you liked this post! Sorry it was so short.... Please comment!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alice and wonderland meets Where the Wild Things Are

Yesterday, after I came home from camp, I became very bored. I decided to take my borde-ness out on my clothing and dress up! First I made up a theme "Alice and wonderland meets Where the Wild Things Are".  Then I got this-


As you might have noticed, I have something very interesting about my makeup in each outfit. (I wanted to try something out of the box!)
For instance:

Outfit 1- I have a black line through the middle of my lips. (Don't ask! I was bored..)
Outfit 2-Red Rosy Cheeks..... (Self explanatory)
Outfit 3- Little black boxes under my eyes. (Again, I wanted to try something out of the box! Get it?)
Outfit 4- You can't really see because photo booth is horrendes, but, I tried a green cat eye under my eye.

Anyways, please comment! (And follow, for that matter..)


Sunday, July 1, 2012

R.I.P., my lovely tad-pole..

Legs, my tad-pole that got I got at the fair two weeks ago, died on Friday. I mean, I only had him for two weeks and he decides to croak on me!!! (HAHA! How could he croak if he wasn't a frog yet?!! Get it?... Like my horrendous humor?!) I was away at camp and my mom put his tank outside. I suspect he had severe trama from my cat, or he was boiled alive in the hot sun... Pooor legs.. (sad face) I hope he will find his way to my other late fishies in the sky...

In honor of him:
I would've worn my long black skirt, and my black sweater but I didn't want to over heat like Legs.
I wish I had a black veil right now...  ;(