Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Be Original

If you were famous, you can be as crazy as you want. You can introduce yourself with a crazy sense of style, take Lady Gaga for instance, and inspire others. You might get grilled by the fashion police, because of your unusual style or life but, you wouldn't care!

One reason I made this blog is to share my unusual life. I am not the average teen. I prefer The Clash to Rihanna, sewing to buying, and a good thrift store instead of Forever 21. I often get made fun of from kids at my school and sometimes people who I trust. I am not a follower of trends like everyone else, unless I actually like it. I have always been scared to admit to myself, and others, that i'm not the average teen.

A week ago (before I got the flu,,..) I went to my best friend's (from my old school) birthday party at the beach. I felt so out of place. All the girls, were wearing Forever 21 short shorts, crop tops, and a lot of makeup. I was wearing 50's high waisted shorts and a striped bow shirt.  They each had their "clingy groups"and were talking about teenager stuff.  One girl was taking about going to a party where everyone got arrested. I knew then that I was not like them. Even if I tried, I could never be like them. I had nobody to talk to.

I came home, and had an awful feeling inside. Why can't I be like them! Why can't I be normal! And in the end I new why. I am original. Not a copy. And I will always stay that way.

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  1. I feel the same way. Though I am not really bullied about my clothing because I go to a stupid art focus high school where everyone is 'creative', no one is really into fashion the way I am.