Sunday, July 1, 2012

R.I.P., my lovely tad-pole..

Legs, my tad-pole that got I got at the fair two weeks ago, died on Friday. I mean, I only had him for two weeks and he decides to croak on me!!! (HAHA! How could he croak if he wasn't a frog yet?!! Get it?... Like my horrendous humor?!) I was away at camp and my mom put his tank outside. I suspect he had severe trama from my cat, or he was boiled alive in the hot sun... Pooor legs.. (sad face) I hope he will find his way to my other late fishies in the sky...

In honor of him:
I would've worn my long black skirt, and my black sweater but I didn't want to over heat like Legs.
I wish I had a black veil right now...  ;(

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