Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey Guys! Sorry about not posting the past couple days. Yesterday I was at Comic Con and the day before I was being lazy. Also,, sorry for not posting a style spark on saturday. I was going to post some outfits  that I put together from my inspiration from my Saturday Style Spark #2, (but I was being lazyyy).

Here's the outfits. (There's only three so don't get too excited..)  :)

Shirt- ? /Skirt- handmedown/ Tights- target 
 OH! By the way I wearing these shoes and the polka dot tights in every outfit...
Shoes-j.crew brand got them at goodwill

Skirt- Gift/ Sweater- Buffalo exchange/ Shirt-Good will 


Bodysuit- ? / Shorts- gift/ Shirt- local store

All I have to say is that I really can't remember where i got most of the clothing!!!

Oh tomorrow I'm leaving for Palm Springs with a bunch of little kids. Wish me luck! (@----@)



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  1. Love the last outfit the best :) xx have fun! xx