Saturday, August 25, 2012


Now that you have read the suspenseful title of this post, I can explain. No, I know what your thinking and the answer is no. My cat is an average (looking) orange tabby cat. Her name is Mittens and she is MAGICAL!!! The only person on this earth, that she likes, is me (well no duhh! I'm a cat tamer!..... I'll explain later..).

Anyway, I was spending the night at my grandma's house last night, and my mom told me that at 5 in the morning she heard my cat ,a.k.a Kookoo Kitty, say or rather scream through the window screen, "HELLO MAMA"! The weird thing is that I am never around when these things happen... A few years back, my cat went under the house. My dad went to go save her, and  he said to her "Come here KooKoo Kitty. I won't hurt you" and she screamed "LIAR!" I think she was born on Mars, or something and was brought to earth when she was a kitten to wow us with her intelligent pallet of grammar and knowledge. I SWEAR she teleports around the house. I mean, one minute she's on the ottoman and then a few seconds later she's by the door screaming to be let out. When I was little, I thought she had a twin!

Okay, enough of that mumbajumba, and here's the Saturday Style Spark!

This year I want to have a PUNK ROCK STYLE! My inspiration:

Thanks. <3 
Oh and thanks for those who commented on my school stuff post!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I WISH!! Today is thursday. Mind you, I start school on Monday, OF NEXT WEEK!!!! Where did the summer go??! Anyway, I got some new school clothing and I need your help with what to wear for the first day of school..... I'm gonna show you some pics of my new school clothes and number them according Tops, Bottoms, Sweaters, jackets, accessories. Then for example you can comment in below,  I think you should wear jacket 1, with bottom 2 for your first day of school. Or how ever you want to word it. Thank you sooo much if you are going to leave feed back. I really appreciate it, because when I'm nervous or upset about something, for example SCHOOL!, I can't concentrate on what to wear.



Both from the amazing H&M


the only sweater-



Blazer-Urban Outfitters, Jacket- Gift, but I suspect Tily's



Pants-Target, Skirt-Harajuku mini target







 1-Surprisingly I found this at Forever 21. even though I really dislike that store  2-Made
3-?        4-Made      5-DOLLAR STORE!! It's a light up star that has Girls Rock Printed on the side (Not visible in this pic)       6-Yacht pop up watch, I ADORE THIS WATCH!!! They had it at American Apparel for a fortune and I found it at my local swap meet for $5!!! 

AHHHHH MY FOOT IT FALLING ASLEEP RIGHT NOW!!! Forgive my outburst and let me continue....




 OH HOW I NEED SOME DOCS! AND CREEPERS! Anyone know where I can get some? (For cheap that is...)

OH and also My mom is re-doing my room!!! It's half way done!!! (IM SOOOOO EXCITED!) By next Friday It will hopefully be done!

Resort 2013

Wow resort wear has been very diverse (all in a fantastic way) this year. I wan't to share some of my favorites with you.

Marc Jacobs-

OHMYGOSHITHINKICANCRYWITHJOYRIGHTNOW! In my opinion, this Marc Jacobs collection is auh-maz-ingg! It totally reminds me of Italy for some reason.


 No words can describe how much I ADORE this collection.... I LOVE the colors, the styles, EVERYTHING!!!! It reminds me of what a modern Marie Antoinette, that rolled around in my favorite colors, would wear. 

Alexander McQueen-

Ahhhhh, last but definitely not least, Alexander McQueen.  THIS COLLECTION IN PURE ART! Mr.McQueen, how I love you so! I have to say, in the past I believe that there collections were more extravagant. I'm NOT saying that they aren't now, but now I feel that this design has found peace amongst other designs/collections/designers. I hope that all of you don't hate me for my opinion, but hey, everyone's got one.  


All pics are from  here!