Saturday, August 25, 2012


Now that you have read the suspenseful title of this post, I can explain. No, I know what your thinking and the answer is no. My cat is an average (looking) orange tabby cat. Her name is Mittens and she is MAGICAL!!! The only person on this earth, that she likes, is me (well no duhh! I'm a cat tamer!..... I'll explain later..).

Anyway, I was spending the night at my grandma's house last night, and my mom told me that at 5 in the morning she heard my cat ,a.k.a Kookoo Kitty, say or rather scream through the window screen, "HELLO MAMA"! The weird thing is that I am never around when these things happen... A few years back, my cat went under the house. My dad went to go save her, and  he said to her "Come here KooKoo Kitty. I won't hurt you" and she screamed "LIAR!" I think she was born on Mars, or something and was brought to earth when she was a kitten to wow us with her intelligent pallet of grammar and knowledge. I SWEAR she teleports around the house. I mean, one minute she's on the ottoman and then a few seconds later she's by the door screaming to be let out. When I was little, I thought she had a twin!

Okay, enough of that mumbajumba, and here's the Saturday Style Spark!

This year I want to have a PUNK ROCK STYLE! My inspiration:

Thanks. <3 
Oh and thanks for those who commented on my school stuff post!


  1. cool pics! Especially the one that says normal is boring!

  2. Love the pics!If you're bored come to my blog by Sept 5th to vote on my first day of school outfit.
    -Sienna :)