Thursday, August 23, 2012

Resort 2013

Wow resort wear has been very diverse (all in a fantastic way) this year. I wan't to share some of my favorites with you.

Marc Jacobs-

OHMYGOSHITHINKICANCRYWITHJOYRIGHTNOW! In my opinion, this Marc Jacobs collection is auh-maz-ingg! It totally reminds me of Italy for some reason.


 No words can describe how much I ADORE this collection.... I LOVE the colors, the styles, EVERYTHING!!!! It reminds me of what a modern Marie Antoinette, that rolled around in my favorite colors, would wear. 

Alexander McQueen-

Ahhhhh, last but definitely not least, Alexander McQueen.  THIS COLLECTION IN PURE ART! Mr.McQueen, how I love you so! I have to say, in the past I believe that there collections were more extravagant. I'm NOT saying that they aren't now, but now I feel that this design has found peace amongst other designs/collections/designers. I hope that all of you don't hate me for my opinion, but hey, everyone's got one.  


All pics are from  here!


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