Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The curious case of Gracie Rose

Hello cyber space! This post is just an update of what is going on my my world right now.  P.S. (in advance)- Sorry for not posting lately... I have no excuses for that. 

~I made some new bow ties a few days ago. They are made out of purple lace and old bottle caps-

~I got some new records from my grandpa. He was going to throw them away so I took some-
(sorry for the reverse pics. I couldn't find my phone to take better pictures so I had to use my computer...)

-Mary Poppins-This one I am actually very fond of. I remember when I was little and would go to my grandma's house and would look at this for hours. Now my little bro does the same thing.

-Jane Morgan, Last time I saw Paris. I have nothing to say about this record.. I just liked the cover. But when I got home and listened to it, I remembered not to judge a book (or rather record) by it's cover...

-Rebecca Flack, Killing Me Softly. My mom wanted this one.

-And many more!!!-

~My brother got a bloody nose. His name is Nico, he is five years old, but is going to be 6 on Thursday. He can be such a pain but also can kill you with his cuteness (sometimes). 

~Finally made a summer to do list!

~Made a few zines. This one in particular is called Roy G. Biv.

~I am trying to be a vegetarian for a week... Starting today (Tuesday)

My breakfast was grilled nectarines with a teaspoon of brown sugar, (haha my serious face)-

 Sorry I'm still in my pajamas.... HAHA thats a really bad pic!!!

Okay, I guess this is good bye until tomorrow.. Please comment!

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