Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mini Mania

I love this video, it cracks me up for some reason. Hahaha mini coveteursss. 
 There was another, miiniii movie, it was an Opening Ceremony video like this, but  I can't find the link to share with all of you, so for now, this is the only MINI MANIA about this post...

Ahhhhhh, modern day music. To be honest, I am probably the only person that agrees with Hon Solo, SHOOOT THAT DREADED SORCERY!!! STOP THIS HORRID MUSIC THAT OUR GENERATION ENJOYS, EVEN THOUGH WE CAN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS! I really dislike modern music... If you can't tell already..

OK< ByeyE!


  1. I love mini Grace and Anna. I watched this like 10 times! The video is really addictive!!!
    -Sienna :)

    1. just wanted to say I got a new blog address!
      xoxo sienna