Monday, September 9, 2013

Under Dog Prevails

I AM BACK! I know it has been a reaaaallly long time, but I really don't have an excuse, lets just say school. I didn't really blog for a while because I went through a stage where I didn't feel like myself. I was kind of sad, and wasn't really stylish, so I didn't feel my outfits were cool enough to post. I think almost every teen goes through that stage, so if you are, just surround yourself with the things you love the most.  I realized that I love style, and I missed this community so much! I am so happy to be have this blog! :)

I went shopping yesterday-

(Hahaha up side down!) Urban Outfitters- 29.99 (normally 59.99)

Socks! Urban Outfitters- 14 each, or 20 for two. Cat knee high, and two-toned over the knee (I had to ask my friend to explain me the difference! hahaha!)

Earrings! Urban Outfitters- 6.00

Coat! Thrift Store- 6.13

Today I started my third week of high school. Whoooo Hooooo! Freshman! It has been going well for me. I am the note taker, and take notes for two classes, for the whole class, and I can either get 100 dollars per class per semester, or service points. Today I wore my new burgundy dress, a vintage sweater (I'll show you a pic another time) and my "bowling shoes" (which are white and peachy pink) that I haven't worn in a while. I was going to wear my new "over the knee socks" but it has been REALLY hot lately. 

Thank you so much for still following me, even though I have not been the best blogger. I will be back!!!! (And share with you what has changed in the past months.) Love you all!


  1. I'm so happy your back! I just started freshman year too only the school I'm starts at 7th grade so I'm used to the building. Anyways good luck with your high school experience, hope you're enjoying it :)

    I just realized this comment never posted :(