Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Yes, I have created a tumblr! Tumblr is way easier for me to post on, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It is a huge place for inspiration for me, and I would love to share it with you all. My tumblr, Ocean of Jewels, includes some fan-fiction, but mostly fashion and photography. My computer won't hold a charge and I am getting so frustrated!!!! UGH!! Anyways, I urge you all, the very few that probably still view this blog, so have a look, even if you might not have a tumblr! Keep in mind that I am still figuring out how to use codes, and customize it, so for now, it is not what I imagined it to be.

Lately I have been-
 Finding inspiration for fashion club-

Working on school projects, etc. 

I really need to post an outfit post!!! The last time I did was well OVER A YEAR AGO! Wow, I am a really bad blogger! 

I promise  I will post as much as I can. Work is just pilling up, and plus I have to start blogging for my fashion club. Thanks all who still read this blog, and if you read this, please comment! It always makes my day when you do! <3 

Gracie Rose

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  1. I love you tumblr! Thanks for sending me a message :) always glad to see the first few blogs I've read still going. I hope you find time to post, I totally understand, I barely have time to do anything I'm started a fashion club because my school didn't have one and I'm in 4 other clubs and have like 6 hours of homework. #thestruggle