Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I demand a rebellion against school

(Outfit post!)

(Whow there!)

I am officially organizing a rebellion against school! On Friday I took my Judo Math test (If you don't know what this is, you should read this post.) and I didn't pass so, I'm still a white belt! Yay! I know what your thinking right now, wow she must be really stupid if she's still on her white belt. Well, I can explain. When under stress, a.k.a a test, I don't do well. But on my practice sheets, I got almost everything right. WHATS GOING ON HERE!? WHY IS HUMANITY LIKE THIS!

For homework I have to do a math practice sheet and this art reference stuff and this art carving, I'M SICK OF IT!-


  1. I'd love to join your rebellion. Teachers don't even hesitate to give you a lot of homework the first week of school!
    -Sienna :)

  2. This happens to me ALL THE TIME, I just think the assessment system is flawed in how it does things... Clearly knowing the material isn't enough

    Rebellious fever, let's do it togetha sista! :)