Sunday, September 16, 2012

lalalallallallla land

Dear my lovely readers,
I wish with all of my heart that I would be able to say right now that I have insider pics from fashion week. But sadly I don't. I wish I was there, amongst the other fashion dinosaurs, but no! So instead I'll just share some cool collections/pieces that I liked.

Anna Sui-

This Anna Sui collection is amazing! I love the punk rock feel, with some softness added to it.
With the colorful hair just to top it off!


Another amazing collection by the Rodarte sisters! This collection, in my opinion, has a punk rocky, vibe too. I've seen a lot of punk stuff this season. I adore all the colors and I think they way they put it together  was beautiful.

Meadham Kirchhoff-

I have to say, this Meadham Kirchhoff collection is not my favorite. Although, I love the colors and the idea of it, I will always think, their spring 2012 collection will be one of my favorites, and made a big impact in the blogerr-verse. 

Bye! Please comment!


  1. I enjoyed this Anna Sui collection

  2. I love it all! I wish I was at fashion week too. One day hopefully, maybe I'll see you there!
    -Sienna :)